i did that adult thing you can do where you buy an entire cake and just eat it

i am eating an entire cake

update: there is more cake than i imagined. 

i see now why my parents didn’t let me do this

‘Champion of Kirkwall,’ that was the reward. A fine title. Every noble at the Keep owed the Champion their lives. She wasn’t just a hero, she was now the most important person in the city.

Except for Knight-Commander Meredith, of course. With the viscount dead, she stepped in to keep order. Things quickly got out of hand. The more she squeezed the mages, the more they resisted. The more they resisted, the tighter she squeezed.

After three years of that, it all came crashing down.


how the fuck did thorin even manage to get lost in hobbiton



imagelike, follow the road and??

imagewhat went wrong

imagehow do you even take the wrong turn in this place

imageyou can literally see the door from the path



Thorin is too hardcore for normal ways


idk man there’s just something really flattering about people who acknowledge your existence even when you’re not with them.

comic,  art,  basically,  


the most aggravating fans are the ones that become huge fans of a villainous character but just can’t handle the fact that the villainous character does villainous things and instead said fans invent a million assbackwards headcanons about how the villain is TOTALLY not a villain at all and is some tragic blob where nothing is their fault even up to and including murder and genocide

i am just so baffled by this


hahaha fuck you buddy.

sure, that vine you posted with the “they move in herds” soundtrack over two obese disabled women in wheelchairs was just so fucking hilarious. haha

oh god, I remember the last time someone called me out for looking chubby on the street. what wonderful depression and inability to go outside for months because I was so nervous that others would see me THAT was.

I loved fucking throwing away perfectly good shirts with closets full of clothes I can’t wear for shame, and god finding every tear or wear in my jeans a sign of failure, spiraling into depression and self hate until I finally find ways of working to get over it with months of work on fucking body positivity just a bit to go jogging outside only to be LAUGHED AT and MOCKED by assholes going by in their car and get to have that whole cycle start up again haha oh boy. yeah that was a grand old time.

and the fact they humiliated them in public, THEN online by posting that, was just fucking hilarious. you can see the outrage on the younger woman’s face.

so funny.

and it’s great that when I call you out on it, your response is to say “that’s not what you were going for, but thanks for being a Debbie downer and trying to find something negative to say” because sure.

oh totally.

not sharing your sense of humor and actually being affected by the fucked up, fatshaming, bullshit you’re laughing at is just me LOOKING for stuff to be offended by. haha

not like some of my family members are overweight and need wheelchairs for unrelated health issues and wouldn’t like to be mocked online and off for simply existing and breathing air and going outside for a moment to get some fucking nice hot sunny blue sky days without being filmed and mocked for existing and OOPS

nope just dinosaur references and fat people in a line in wheelchairs haha nothing offensive there gosh it’s not like we filmed it out the side of the truck at unsuspecting people

oh silly me trying to find something negative in this innocent lil vine again haha

i thought you were fucking better than that.